The Untold Secrets of Nocturnal Tooth Brushing

The Untold Secrets of Nocturnal Tooth Brushing

It is 5:30, my phone alarm blares in crescendo, 2ft from my ears. I rush to the bathroom excitedly, full of energy to take this day by the horn. As I pick up my toothbrush, I am reminded again by the flaccid bristles that it is time to get another. I won’t let that bother me now, at least I don’t have teeth problems, or so I think.

I rush through my brushing in 3 minutes and quickly rinse my mouth(I shouldn’t have rinsed), I am satisfied with what I see in the mirror.

I go through the day, I hit all my targets, my KPIs are off the charts, and I’m the boss.

It is lunchtime, we are having pepper soup, it starts out like every normal lunchtime at work, I start feeling a slight throb on the left side of my head, I ignore it and bite into the next piece of goat meat, and then it struck, sharp, piercing, brain crushing pain. The food instantly loses its appeal, my entire life flashed before my eyes. Where did I go wrong, what have I done, I don’t deserve this, not at this point in my life.

If you’re typical, you have experienced a toothache at one time in your life. I won’t labor you with the cause that will be for another post. I am going to tell you an easy way to prevent tooth problems from happening.

It is something you already do; you are so familiar with it that you will be shocked when I tell you.

Tooth brushing! Yes, you heard me right, morning and night brushing with wrist roll technique (more on this later). The secret lies in the night brushing. Saliva helps clean your teeth, but at night, saliva production drops drastically. If you have food particles in your mouth, bacteria would produce a lot of acids that damages your teeth. So every time you brush just before going to bed, you clear your mouth of food particles that will potentially damage your teeth. Also, don’t rinse your mouth afterward so the fluoride content can exert its effect on your teeth.

So next time before you climb your bed to sleep, brush your teeth

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